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In this field, TCF provides its clients with consultancy for competitive biddings and privatization, as well as the defense against decisions from government authorities that might infringe the rights guaranteed by the Mexican laws, through the filing of defense means provided by Law, such as the Action for Relief or the Proceeding for Annulment.

  • • Compliance with the various provisions of administrative nature issued by the three levels of government: Federal, State and Municipal, in order to prevent any contingency.
  • • Guidance on public biddings, concessions, authorizations, etc.
  • • Consultancy in the discharge of home visits and any act issued by the authorities.
  • • • Processing of licenses, permits and authorizations before Federal, State and Municipal Government offices.
  • • Public Officials’ Accountability
  • • Consultancy and representation in Export matters.
  • • Litigation before Courts of Claims, whether Federal or Local, including Actions for Relief against laws, regulations and any act of authority.

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