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TCF provides assistance for the management and update of the corporate books of all kinds of companies.

  • • Incorporation of companies.
  • • Granting of powers.
  • • Drafting of minutes of shareholders’/partners' meetings or resolutions adopted out of the meeting.
  • • Formalization of corporate acts before a notary public.
  • • Recordal of corporations, powers and public instruments before the Public Registry of Commerce.
  • • Inscripción de sociedades, poderes y escrituras públicas ante el Registro Público de Comercio.
  • • Processing of the formalization of operations before notaries public.

Regarding trusts, TCF provides consultancy for the drafting, negotiation and conclusion of various agreements with fiduciary institutions, such as:

  • • Commercial activities.
  • • Saving funds activities.
  • • Management and payment of seniority.
  • • Pensions and retirements.
  • • Administration of securities and stock certificates.
  • • Acquisition of properties in Mexican coasts and borders.
  • • Real estate developments.
  • • Trusts and guarantee deposits.
  • • Investment including will provisions.
  • • Insurance.

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