Foreign trade and customs

Our services

We offer legal advice on all matters related to international trade that deal with import and export transactions, application of tariffs, customs litigation, unfair trading practices, etc. We provide amongst others, the following services:

  • • General and Sector-Specific Importers Registry.
  • • Processing and attainment of Certificates of Compliance with Official Mexican Standards (NOMs)
  • • Tariff Classification.
  • • Specific Rules of Origin and preferential tariffs of different Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).
  • • Countervailing Duties.
  • • Import permits and quotas.
  • • Unfair practices.
  • • Safeguarding Measures.
  • • IMMEX;
  • • IMMEX Certification for IVA/IEPS purposes.
  • • Compliance with Annexes 24 and 31.
  • • PROSEC.
  • • Strategic Bonded Warehouse (RFE)
  • • OOEA (AEO) and other types of SAT Certifications.
  • • Customs and Foreign Trade Audits.
  • • PAMA (Customs Administrative Procedures).
  • • Appeals for Reversal.
  • • Proceedings for Annulment.
  • • Actions for Relief, etc.

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