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Civil, commercial and admisnistrative litigation, as well as prevention and alternative resolutions of disputes. TCF has a contentious and dispute resolution area, which includes professionals with more than twenty-five years of experience. As a first alternative aimed at avoiding litigation, displacing the latter as a last alternative. We develop strategies for the prevention and solution of disputes, with emphasis on prevention methods, through various mechanisms, among others, the following:

  • Processing of ordinary commercial and civil proceedings, whether oral or written.
  • • Processing of commercial and civil executory proceedings, whether oral or written.
  • • Bankruptcy matters (such as the conclusion and fulfillment of commercial transactions with companies subject to a bankruptcy proceeding; acknowledgment and determination of the degree and priority of credits, separation of assets within the insolvency proceedings; preparation, approval and execution of insolvency agreements; sale and acquisition of assets of bankrupt companies; Acknowledgment and enforcement of guarantees)
  • • Handling of voluntary jurisdiction matters.
  • • Processing of special foreclosure suits.
  • • Processing of real estate lease disputes.
  • • Handling of Proceedings and Lawsuits in Real Estate Matters (Investigation of Real Estate in Public Registries of Property; Survey and Boundaries Marking Proceedings; Actions for recovery, possessory action and injunction; Judicial first registration of land; Usufruct and Easements, Joint Ownership and Condominium Property Regime; Adverse possession; among others)
  • • Insurance and bonds lawsuits.
  • • Intellectual property contested trials.
  • • Litigation and enforcement of guarantees.
  • • Procedures and formalities before the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.
  • • Actions for Relief.
  • • Local and Federal administrative remedies, means of recourse and contentious proceedings.
  • • Proceedings before the CONDUSEF.
  • • Mediation and Arbitration.
  • • Litigation (Lawsuit and Action for Relief Proceeding).

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