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TCF has excelled over the years in advising on immigration law: Since the employees of our clients are foreign, they require adequate guidance in this matter, reason why we offer among others, the following services:

  • • Advisory and consultancy to determine the most appropriate type of visa to stay in Mexico as residents.
  • • Visas and work permits for visitors, temporary residents and permanent residents.
  • • Visas and permits for economic dependents of expatriates.
  • Preparation of applications and forms for their processing before the migration authorities.
  • • Review of documents to integrate the visa application.
  • • Notification to the immigration authority of changes in marital status, domicile and activities of expatriates.
  • • Attainment and renewal of registration statement for individuals or companies.
  • • Obtaining certificates that prove the migratory status in Mexico.
  • • Preparation and handling of means of defense for immigration matters.
  • • Trámites de naturalización mexicana and obtaining certificates of Mexican nationality.
  • • Mexican naturalization procedures.
  • • Attainment of certificates of absence of criminal records (local and federal).
  • • Legalization and apostille procedures of official Mexican documents for international use.

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