Labor: Consultancy and Litigation

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One of the most important assets that a company has is its human capital and, therefore, in this branch of law, TCF is in the possibility of providing consultancy in labor matters of a preventive nature to avoid litigation and problems that may affect the image and financial wellbeing of companies. Among other services, we provide the following:

  • • Labor consultancy.
  • • Preventive counseling in labor matters.
  • • Labor audits to avoid future contingencies.
  • • Drafting and negotiation of individual employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements, including its execution and the negotiation of its annual and biennial revisions.
  • • Preparation and registration of training and development programs.
  • • Creation, registration and operation of the joint commissions established in the Federal Labor Law.
  • • Advice in the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.
  • • Drafting of confidentiality and non-competition agreements.
  • • Staff outsourcing services.
  • • Labor related litigation (individual and collective disputes), including Actions for Relief.

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