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Advice on public procurement procedures (public biddings, restricted invitations, direct allocations) during all its stages and in the filing of means of defense against acts and procedures derived from said operations, for which, among other services, assistance is offered in the following areas:

  • • Analysis of calls for bids, rules and participation requisites, as well as determining the strategies to be followed and the requirements that must be met in the procurement procedures.
  • • Review of legal documentation, as well as integration, together with the technical and financial areas, of all the documentation required for the due presentation of proposals.
  • • Advice on all the stages of the procurement process, including the assistance and support during the clarification meetings, opening of proposals, delivery of decision and any others provided for in the rules, requirements and/or applicable legislation in each case.
  • • Advice on the provision of the required guarantees, such as: guarantee for the upholding of offers, guarantees for the due investment of advances, performance guarantees and others related.
  • • Preparation and processing of the means of rebuttal, whether local or federal, such as complaints, appeals for review, contentious administrative proceedings, and Actions for Relief against acts of the procurement procedure, including the award resolution of a winner.
  • • Filing of means of defense against economic sanctions and disqualifications of companies or persons in the application of the laws on procurement at the federal and state levels.

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